welcome, delicious friend.

dr. evžen holyfield the eccentric antiquarian

species human
ambition light fingers
destiny gleam
zodiac sign the crow
closest to hell

professor of the correspondence at benthic, freed from the name.
eccentric [a person of unconventional and slightly strange views/behavior.] + antiquarian [a person who studies/collects antiques or antiquities.]

eli kennedy-holyfield the august chicane

species human/curator
ambition heart's desire
destiny memory
zodiac sign the lantern
closest to the masters

adopted son of holyfield and his husband. crooked-cross and future master of the bazaar. loves games.
chicane [hand without a particular suit. void or bad hand] and august [respected, impressive, consecrated]

mr. paints the khan of dyes, the illuminated saint

species curator
ambition ???
destiny the star
zodiac sign the rose
closest to the masters

baby curator, oversees trade of art and art supplies. raised by wines, pages, and happles.
titles from the 4th city and the cult of the sanctified. illuminated as in illuminated manuscript ect ect

isa kennedy the moonstruck revenant

species human, returned
ambition none
destiny oath
zodiac sign the bat
closest to the duchess

someone's brother, returned to life. haunted artist. married to holyfield.
moonstruck [unable to think/act normally] + revenant [person who has returned from death]

ira blackwell the faithless captain

species human
ambition none
destiny passion
zodiac sign the lady
closest to the church

human, former priest. very kind, conductor of a locomotive in the high wilderness.
faithless [without religious faith.] + captain, since he's the now the captain of the orphean.

elisha kennedy-holyfield the genteel kitten

species cat
ambition none
destiny road
zodiac sign the bear
closest to the docks

'adopted' by holyfield and his husband. wants to be a zailor, someday.
genteel [polite, refined, or respectable, often in an affected or ostentatious way.]

my fallen london ocs.

other characters

mildred, the midnight matriarch. elisha's relative of dubious origin. in disgraced exile from the duchess' court.
sugarplum. the professor's dog, right?
professor holyfield's specimens. a voracious lamp-eye, an amber iguana, an abyssal sawtooth, and a prismatic squidling.
césaire, the inquisitive lamp-cat. a catlike zee creature the professor brought home, much to mildred's dismay.