i want to be someone who can protect her...
i swear, i will find a way out. i will find a way to save her... i'll keep traveling through time as many times as it takes to save madoka!

homura... i love her a lot too. she reminds me of my girlfriend a bit. there's also the fact that she wanted to do everything she could to protect madoka and save her from a world where she and her friends suffered.

she also has three different witch designs. mortal world witch, nutcracker witch, and her 'ultimate' form. she steals a small amount of goddess madoka's power in order to make herself into the only witch madoka will never be able to save, therefore keeping the incubators from being able to twist the law of cycles into something they can manipulate. i'm really partial to 'nutcracker witch' homulilly, though! she also has the most familiars out of all the witches with 6 types, not counting the different individual clara dolls.

homulilly is also a pun. 'shigan' is the opposite of 'higan', higanbana is the japanese name for red spider lillies. so shiganbana, or 'this shore' lilly. homu is INUCURRY's nickname for her, and 'yuri' (lily) is associated with lesbians. many layers!