i promise i won't let your efforts be in vain!
always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. as long as you remember her, you are not alone.

madoka is one of my main comfort characters. i love her a lot :) she's just such a great character and such a sweet one at that. becoming hope to protect everyone else, not just her friends, is such a huge sacrifice. and she's only 14!!! she's so brave. thinking about her makes me feel better.

goddess madoka/ultimate madoka is also a comfort to me. she's so serene and kind, it's calming to think of her when i'm really stressed out. also, her design is so pretty, i love how different it is to madoka's 'original' magical girl outfit. both outfits are designed to fit an archetype, with original mado being 'magical girl' and ultmado being 'goddess.'