welcome 2 my sacred crypt

who runs this shithouse?
i'm ifan hauntedhousez. i'm your ghost with the most. young, dumb and full of... moderate to severe clinical depression.
burdened by images. mcr fan first and human second. true crime enjoyer, anime liker, horror movie watcher and bone collector.

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more about me:
feel free to call me ifan (it's pronounced evan.)
i write poetry + short stories, and art. i also sew and knit. i'm in my 20s + finished clown college (art school). i worked at disney world spring/summer of 2022 and i'm star wars canon as of fall 2023.
i really like going to concerts! i've seen 14 bands live :)
i got to see mychem live in 2022 and i died for real

my faves
movies: the crow, fight club, scream, house of wax (2005), who framed roger rabbit, oliver and company, land before time, the batman (2022)

books: fight club, we have always lived in the castle, the cats of roxville station, my side of the mountain, hamlet, sharp objects, carrie, misery

bands: my chemical romance, the used, KMFDM, ice nine kills, the birthday massacre, get scared, fall out boy, iDKhow, thursday, sleeping with sirens

shows: criminal minds, arcane, mahou shoujo madoka☆magica, mob psycho 100, erased, fullmetal alchemist, death note, infinity train, over the garden wall

games: resident evil, silent hill, legend of zelda: twilight princess, pokemon, fallen london, sunless skies, the sims, baldur's gate 3

a glimpse of my mortal coil

this is me! i had a white streak bleached into my hair to look like jason todd but i currently don't have it anymore bc of work

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