please don't kill me mr. ghostface, i wanna be in the sequel.

i love horror. i've loved it for a long time! i really like older movies, or ones that rely more on practical effects rather than digital. i love the blood, the gore, the [sometimes] campy scares, the iconic shots... all of it is just so fun.

if you haven't seen black christmas, my bloody valentine, house of wax (2005) or the faculty, i really suggest watching them! they're all great movies. well, not everyone would consider house of wax 'great', but look vincent sinclair up and tell me he isn't cool as fuck. go watch it. you get to see jared padalecki get his face ripped off.

i don't just love horror movies- i love horror games too. resident evil, silent hill, outlast... i also like smaller ones too, like IB, the witch's house, the crooked man, corpse party and many others. it's always so neat to see what we can do in games, since it's inherently interactive. there's so many tricks you can use to create fear without even doing anything truly 'scary.' the player is scared when starting the game up, on alert for jumpscares and sound cues... that tension can cause some of the best reactions.
i LOVE args! in fact, i've run a few with my bewuved girlfriend. my favourites i've played are- sexygirlmax2019, babyteeth, roses, drop point. i've watched ones on youtube as well, those being petscop, marble hornets, and everymanhybrid. i'm also a big fan of nexpo! i'm interested in but not heavily invested in the walten files.
i like horror books, podcasts, plays and other things too- it's just harder to represent them on my site.