you could use a little orange thought or two.

he thinks beautiful orange pictures,
and beautiful orange words
though his little beak,
can't even peep a squeak
all the thoughts he ever spoke,
appear in orange smoke

he is a small bird resembling an orange, or an orange that looks quite like a bird. regardless, he used to live up north before deciding to fly south to florida, because of the abundance of citrus fruits to eat. he now lives in adventureland's sunshine tree.

unlike other birds, poor orange bird is unable to sing. anytime he opens his little beak, he can't make any sound at all. he typically communicates through orange-colored thought bubbles instead, but sometimes it can be hard to make the thoughts appear.

for a while, orange bird flew away from adventureland in florida; around... 1987 or so. everyone wondered where our little friend had gone, and hoped he'd soon come home. his birdhouse gathered dust, leaves collecting on the little porch. until one day, in 2012, orange bird finally flew back home and returned to the sunshine tree terrace.