invasive questions with ifan

Full name: ifan llywellyn kennedy.
Nicknames: ev, evan, e, 'unholy creature brother'
Birthplace: somewhere, im sure.
Birthday: unfortunately i was never born.
Where Do You Live Now?: hellzone, north america.
Parent(s): EUGH
Sibling(s): little brother, my beby sistor and my psychic twin
Looks: 5'10 1/2", thin 'waifish'. short hair usually dyed purple or churchmouse brown (natural)
Favourite Animal(s): bats, crows, cats, possums
Favourite TV Show(s): fuck i havent watched tv in ages. UHHH. forensic files.
Favourite Kind(s) of Music: punk, emo, industrial, darkwave, new wave, 90s/80s pop, breakcore, goth rock, horrorcore
Favourite Movie(s): the crow, fight club, scream, house of wax
Future School: if i have to get a second degree i'll kill myself
Future Job: corpse
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: what if i killed myself (im single)
Best Buds: scyrus, zoe, benny, finnley, and mk!
Favourite Candy: kitkats, cowtails, rock candy
Hobbies: drawing, knitting/sewing, photography, origami, watching video essays
Things You Collect: beanie babies, orange bird memorabilia, enamel pins, stuff i find on the ground
Do You Have A Personal Phone Line: you have to contact me via ouija board
Favourite Body Part of The Opposite Sex?: eyes, hands, hair (oddly enough)
Any Tattoos And Where Of What?: not yet, but i have some planned. no im not telling you.
Piercing(s) And Where?: i have 2 peircings in each ear (lobes). i want snakebites though
What Do You Sleep in?: oversized shirt with random shit printed on it and boxers with funny prints
Do you like Chain Letters: if theyre funny. i like to infodump.
Best Advice: be yourself. have a good time. don't hang out with shitty people. shoplift from hobby lobby.
Favourite Quotes: "people are looking for a rockstar to kill."
Non-sport Activity You Enjoy: wikipedia fugue state
Dream Car: a hearse! my current car is a nissan kicks and i love him
Favourite Thing To Do In Spring: wander around and listen to music
What's Your Bedtime: that's between me and god
Where Do You Shop?: hot topic, thrift stores, goodwill
Coke or Pepsi: where i'm from 'a coke' can refer to any soda. but i like pepsi more.
Favourite Thing(s) To Wear?: my army jacket, any of my long black skirts. stuff that hurts my mom's spirit
Favourite Subject(s) In School?: english, history, art, 'humanities' (like psych/criminal psych)
Favourite Color(s): purple, black, red, blue
Favourite People To Talk To Online: MY BESTIES GRRRR i love my friends.
Root-Beer or Dr. Pepper?: both actually. im bisexual
Do You Shave?: when i remember and or feel like it
Favourite Vacation Spot(s): fort pickens, new orleans, pensacola beach campground
Favourite Family Member(s): HA HA HA HA
Did You Eat Paint Chips When You Were a Kid?: probably. wouldn't have been the weirdest thing kid me ate
Favourite CD you own: any cd my dad burned me, or the evanescence and avril lavigne cds i got from goodwill
The ONE Person Who You Hate The Most: how much time do we have. i have too many.
Favourite Food(s): chocolate cake, pizza
Who Is The Hottest Guy or Girl In The World?: peter steele (rest in peace king)
What Is Your Favourite Salad Dressing?: i hate salad dressing / most sauces (i have autism)
When You Die, Do You Wanna Be Buried or Burned Into Ashes?: i want to be dumped in the woods so animals can eat my corpse but that's technically illegal
Do You Believe In Aliens?: yeah. it's statistically improbable we're the only sapient and intelligent life in the universe
If You Had The Chance To Professionally Do Something, What would You Do?: i don't dream of labour.
Things You Obsess Over: true crime, theme park rides + their history, ARGs, the former mascot of the florida orange comission
Favourite Day of the Week: friday
A Teacher You Hate: dr busbin, mrs reeves, mrs anderson, prof rickel. FUCKING MICHAEL
Favourite Disney Movie: oliver & company and the black cauldron
What is Your Favourite Season?: fall. the leaves + the grey tone of the sky reminds me of silent hill
What Toppings Do You Like On Your Pizza?: cheese. i can't eat red meat or i get sick, so no pepperoni
Do You Like Your School Food (As In The District Food)?: i brought the same lunch every single day from 7th grade to 12th grade. extrapolate what you will. my university's cafeteria sucks shit
If You Could Live Anywhere, Where Would You Live?: big spooky victorian house on a hill
Favourite Thing(s) To Do On Weekends: wikipedia fugue state
Favourite Things To Clean Up: i like organizing shelves. ngl i like doing warewashing too.
Favourite Magazine(s): national geographic fucks. lots of good stuff for collages and the paper is good for transferring.
Favourite Flower(s): roses, dog violets, datura/'moonflowers', columbines
Favourite Number(s): 13, 25, even numbers
Favourite Ice Cream Flavour(s): bubblegum, vanilla, raspberry, and white chocolate
What Kind Of Guys/Girls Are You Attracted To?: alt people. guys with long hair. i should probably add 'people who can kick my ass'
If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself, What Would It Be?: i want fangs. or for my hair to just be purple so i didn't have to dye it
Do You Eat Breakfast And Then Brush Your Teeth, or Brush Teeth Then Breakfast?: if you brush your teeth then eat, how does it feel to be stupid as hell
Favourite Time of Day: midnight and the witching hour
Can A Guy and A Girl Be "Just Best Friends"?: yeah. almost all my friends in high school were girls.
Do You Ask A Guy/Girl Out, Or Wait For Them To Ask You?: i suffer in silence like a proper god-fearing southern boy
What's The Most Important Thing In Someone's Personality?: i like crazy bitches. if you aren't insane idk if i'll talk to you much
Do You Have A Pager Or A Cellphone?: do normal people have pagers anymore
Favourite Sport?: i dont know. lacrosse is neat. love watching dudes get hit with sticks.
What Was The Best Gift You Ever Recieved?: the original crow comics signed by james o'barr
How Long Did This Letter Take You To Finish?: like 15 minutes bc i keep getting distracted
What Did You Listen To While Completing It?: cynical skin - get scared
Don't You Just Hate How Psychics Never Win The Lottery?: i think it's against some code or something